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Spotify, Blizzard and Steam are now on Pay4Fun Store

Make even more purchases through Pay4Fun

More news for you, Pay4Fun customer. It is now possible to use your virtual wallet to purchase credits at more sensational stores like Spotify, Blizzard and Steam.

Don’t you know Pay4Fun Store yet? It is a very practical online store where you buy credits on the most diverse types of services such as phone recharges, entertainment, TV and transportation.

Purchasing with Pay4Fun Store is quite simple. Just access the desired store, choose the amount you want in credits, and you’re done. Your order will be available in the store and your Pay4Fun account will be automatically debited, all with the speed and technology you already know.

Lots of quality music and entertainment at Pay4Fun

Spotify is a digital streaming service that provides access to thousands of songs, podcasts, videos and other content from global artists.

Through Spotify, you can search for your favorite songs, create your playlists and receive recommendations like Weekly Discoveries and the Daily Mix.

You can also see what friends, artists and celebrities you follow are listening to and create your own radio stations.

Spotify works on devices such as computers, cell phones, tablets, speakers, TVs and cars.

Creator of the Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft and Overwatch series, Blizzard Entertainment is one of the world’s leading game industry developers, offering a multitude of options for gamers. Whatever Blizzard Entertainment does, its goal is excellence in games and experiences provided to its players.

Steam is a digital gaming platform for computers (Windows, macOS and Linux) that has many options from several different developers.

All of this is now in your hands through the Pay4Fun Store.

Access Pay4Fun Store now

In addition to Spotify, Blizzard and Steam, you can also make purchases at Pay4Fun Store in stores such as Uber, Claro, Sky, Tim, Vivo, IMVU, among others. Wait for many more stores will arrive at Pay4Fun Store soon!

Pay4Fun is a technology company in financial services that aims to prioritize personalized service to its customers and partners.

Come to Pay4Fun Store now and have access to a multitude of services with Fintech 100% Brazilian that opens the doors of the world for you.

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