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Rodrigo Garrido and Pay4Fun: an increasingly stronger partnership

Pay4Fun representative, Garrido currently leads the BSOP in the Mixed Games ranking

Pay4Fun has consolidated successful partnerships with several prominent personalities. One of them is with Rodrigo Garrido, great poker champion, who currently ranks 8th in the BSOP overall rankings and 1st in the competition’s Mixed Games ranking.

It is worth remembering that the BSOP ranking was unified, covering the years 2020 (which had only the first stage, due to the pandemic), 2021 and 2022.

According to Garrido, Pay4Fun has been the best option for poker players competing in tournaments. “Pay4Fun’s services are very popular with players, who are increasingly using their wallet to transfer their profits and use them directly on the Pay4Fun Card, without the need for a bank account. Another important point is that major tournament sites do not provide chip transfer between players. Pay4Fun provides this function, being the most reliable method for this type of transaction”, adds Garrido.

Garrido spoke about the evolution of national poker at the Brazilian iGaming Summit

Garrido participated in the BiS 2021, Brazilian iGaming Summit, representing professional poker on the panel “What the law allows and is not explored”, which was moderated by Wiitoldo Hendrich (Hendrich Advogados and ONLINE IPS) and the participation of Luiz Felipe Maia (FYMSA Lawyers).

Opportunities allowed by Brazilian law, and which are not yet properly explored in the gaming market were addressed.

“We are looking for even more tools to regulate poker the right way. Every day we have competitions and poker games happening, increasing the importance of this regulation even more”, said Garrido.

Garrido also underscored the importance of separating skill games like poker, which do not rely primarily or exclusively on luck, from other game categories.

The professional player also spoke of the importance and relevance of poker in the Brazilian gaming market, and that the modality has taxes collected regularly in the country, in addition to generating many jobs. Garrido also projected that the segment could evolve a lot, highlighting the importance of increasing the appropriate structure for your events in Brazil.

Pay4Fun supports the big competitors

Pay4Fun is proud to have great competitors symbolizing our brand. We believe that the vigor and talent of Pay4Fun representatives are the mirror of what we do and we want the company to be for our customers.

Rodrigo Garrido is synonymous of competitiveness, endurance, and success. That’s why Pay4Fun is at your side. Go Garrido! Go Pay4Fun!

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