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Customer service: Pay4Fun beats records

P4F customer service

Pay4Fun obtained a 24% increase in customer service in May

That is why Pay4Fun is growing and increasingly consolidating its presence in the market. Recently, Pay4Fun has seen a 24% increase in customer service. Comparing the number of customer service uses in 2018 and 2019, Pay4Fun achieved an increase of 1700%.

Nowadays, there are many technology companies in financial services on the market. However, what makes a company stand out, is the way that company treats its customers.

This growth in customer service reflects factors such as the company’s expansion and the arrival of new partners, totaling almost 100.

The unique service, as well as the market’s reliability in Pay4Fun’s services, has driven the constant growth in its customer base.

Pay4Fun had a 28% increase in positive reviews from customers

Pay4Fun knows that each customer is different. “Companies that work with customer service bringing the same solutions to everyone are doomed to fail”, comments Leonardo Baptista, CEO of Pay4Fun.

“Nowadays, the consumer is hugely exposed to electronic service tools, and all of them are extremely standardized. At Pay4Fun, we try to understand each customer’s needs and develop our best practices to deal with each situation. That is a continuous work. Changes need to be made, according to each new demand we receive”.

For those reasons, Pay4Fun has reached a current 95% customer satisfaction rate in customer service.

That means an increase of 28% in positive evaluations only in the first half of 2020. The world value considered as the standard in terms of excellent service is around 86%.

“Amid the crisis scenario and many changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the consumer has become much more demanding and looking for outstanding solutions. We are facing a big challenge, where providing customer service can even determine the life or death of companies,” comments Baptista.

“Our goal is to maintain the best satisfaction rates for our customers because Pay4Fun is a financial services company. After all, people only put their money in the care of those they trust”.

Best practices and excellent service are the Pay4Fun’s focus

Providing outstanding customer service is the result of significant investments. Pay4Fun implements a series of procedures to create the best customer service practices.

“As Pay4Fun is a Fintech, many customers believe that they will be served only by robots at all times. This category of companies must show that real people are dealing with all the processes,” Leonardo Baptista.

Pay 4 Fun invests in the qualification and training of its service team to eliminate this concern, prioritizing values ​​such as safety, clarity, objectivity, and transparency.

Another key point for today’s customer satisfaction is how fast a problem can be solved. In a technological world, the expectation for quick responses grows dramatically, and this is a primary goal for Pay4Fun.

“Advertising and converting a customer is relatively easy. The biggest and best challenge is to retain customers for a long time and make them happy. That is why we are always looking to bring out our best and grow sustainably,” concludes Baptista.

It is not enough to know Pay4Fun’s payment intermediation services. You also have to know our customer service and see how we are developing our best practices every day.

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