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Wanna and Pay4Fun: new integration

Wanna is an innovative platform where you can challenge friends and create bets

Another sensational option for fun comes to Pay4Fun customers. Wanna is an app that has a different proposal and has now become a partner of the company.

Wanna is a social sports betting platform that connects sports fans. In the app it is possible to create challenges based on real sporting events and still be able to compete against friends and other players.

Besides that, the player can interact and “taunt” opponents, as well as share achievements and knowledge publicly. The Wanna app is available on the AppStore and also in apk version for Android users.

Wanna’s proposal is to connect friends and maintain fun social interactions through sport. The platform allows you to chat with other users, compete with friends, and create new contacts.

Wanna brings a differential when compared to most traditional betting sites. It is possible to create bets, challenge friends or fans of other teams. It is a fun platform, where bettors can create rivalry, chat, in short, have access to a lot of fun.

The bettor can also accept the bets he wants. App members create bets all over the world. If you don’t find a bet you like, you can make your own bets.

Discover more advantages in betting on Wanna

The app created its own currency, Wanna Bucks. This functionality exists so that users from all over the world can challenge themselves without having to worry about making currency conversions each game.

It is also possible to follow predictions in real time, participating in rounds of several Brazilian and international championships and leagues.

Wanna is an app built by sports fans for sports fans. The company’s proposal is to develop through sports betting the spirit of union, camaraderie and competition.

Wanna’s website also has a blog where you can follow the latest sports news, which helps bettors understand the contexts and make their guesses.

Make your deposit at Wanna through Pay4Fun

It’s very easy to have fun in Wanna. The customer just installs the app, chooses Pay4Fun as the payment method to make the deposit and that’s it. Now just call friends, create and accept lots of bets!

Pay4Fun has the best customer satisfaction ratings. On the Reclame Aqui platform, the company’s page had more than 10,000 views and received a grade of 9.7 in the last 12 months, with all questions answered.

This is because all customer support interactions at Pay4Fun are handled by real agents.

The company has a service team of more than 25 agents, supervisors and quality agents. Pay4Fun support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Download the Wanna app now and start having fun. Go Wanna! Go Pay4Fun!

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