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How to make deposits, transfers and withdrawals at Pay4Fun?

Rafinha Bastos explains how easy it is to use your Pay4Fun account 

Now that you’ve created your Pay4Fun account, it’s time to make your deposits, transfers and withdrawals. Do you find it difficult to learn everything at once? It’s too easy when Rafinha Bastos explains it to you! 

How to make deposits to your Pay4Fun account? 

Watch the video below and see how easy it is to make deposits into your Pay4Fun account: 

Como realizar depósitos na sua conta Pay4Fun 

In the app, click on add balance, on the main screen and on the website, click on deposit. Here, you choose your preferred method: bank transfer, PIX, or boleto. 

Afterwards, you will see the instructions for each method: bank transfer details, PIX or boleto code. 

If you still have any difficulties, just talk to Pay4Fun customer service, anytime! 

How to make transfers to Pay4Fun partner sites? 

Deposit made? So, let’s go ahead. Click below and Rafinha explains how to make your transfers to Pay4Fun partner sites. It’s time for the fun to begin, isn’t it? 

Como fazer transferências para sites parceiros da Pay4Fun 

Easy right? Just go to the game site of your choice. In the deposit option on the partner site, you choose the amount to be deposited and click on the Pay4Fun icon. A window will appear asking for your registered email and password. Wait a few minutes and you’re done! 

As always, if you have any questions, just talk to Pay4Fun’s super service, which works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with real attendants always! 

How to withdraw your rewards at Pay4Fun? 

So you’ve won! But now what? How to receive your rewards through Pay4Fun? You can also learn from Rafinha: 

Como sacar seus prêmios na Pay4Fun 

Just click on “My Account” on the Pay4Fun website, then on “Withdraw”. If it is through the App, on the main screen click on “Withdraw”. Select the bank, select the amount and fill in your details including CPF. Then click on “Withdraw”. 

Withdrawal can be done through PIX. The minimum withdrawal amount is BRL 30.00 and takes up to 24 hours to clear. 

It is important to know that the Pay4Fun account holder must be the same holder of the bank account, which brings all the security to the process. 

And…I think you already know. If you still have any difficulties, Pay4Fun’s customer service will help you quickly! 

Write down how to contact us: 

Now you are ready to enjoy all the benefits that Pay4Fun brings you! 

Pay4Fun is an online payment platform that allows you to carry out transactions in a practical and safe way. We offer a state-of-the-art virtual wallet (e-wallet), where payments and transfers to accredited websites are carried out in a simple way and without bureaucracy. 

Pay4Fun has more than 260 partner sites and continues to grow. Make your life much more FUN with Pay4Fun! 

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