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Dama NV: more integrations at Pay4Fun

Bitcoingames, Trip2Vip, Moonwin and BetBeast are the new sites

Quadruple news here at Pay4Fun. Dama NV, a leading company in the entertainment sector, now integrates four more of its websites with Pay4Fun.

If you already know other Dama NV houses, you know that you can count on the highest quality on all the company’s websites. The integrated brands are now: Bitcoingames, Trip2Vip, Moonwin and BetBeast.

The platforms deliver the best in fun, with cutting-edge technology, options from the best providers in the world, as well as a multitude of advantages such as bonuses, promotions, loyalty programs and much more!

It is important to highlight that Dama NV websites have efficient and helpful customer support, available whenever the user needs it.

So, let’s get to know the main promotions current on the websites. But, always stay tuned, as news is always arriving on the Dama NV websites.

And this is just a small sample. Access each of the sites and discover incredible advantages, which will certainly make you register and deposit using your Pay4Fun wallet, of course!

Pay4Fun is authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil

If you want your website to achieve success in the Brazilian market, it is essential that you know Pay4Fun. We are leaders in cutting-edge virtual wallet solutions, making it possible to make deposits, payments and transfers in a practical and fast way.

To enjoy entertainment on different websites with complete security and agility, opening an account with Pay4Fun is the most advantageous choice for customers in Brazil.

Pay4Fun operates on a B2B2C model, actively collaborating with operators, more than 450 integrated websites and its own customers, accounting for an impressive number of more than 1,200,000 active accounts in its electronic wallet.

We guarantee that all transactions occur safely and efficiently, with authorization from the Central Bank of Brazil to provide total reliability to our users.

Now make your deposit and come and enjoy the Dama NV platforms.

Go Dama NV! Go Pay4Fun!

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